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Protein profile of aging and its retardation by caloric restriction in neural retina.

Aging is a slow, gradual deterioration process of an organism. The only experimental intervention, which can reliably retard aging and age-related degenerative diseases, is dietary caloric restriction (CR). To gain insight into the mechanism of CR intervention, we have investigated the protein profile of aging and its retardation by CR in the neural retina of Brown Norway (BN) rats using the comprehensive proteomic approach. We found that the intensities of 18 proteins decreased significantly with age. CR intervention can completely prevent seven of them, and partially protect eight of them, from such age-related declines. The major protein targets protected by CR intervention appear to be glycolytic enzymes and molecular chaperones. These data are the first to suggest that CR may retard the age-related degeneration of retina by maintaining sufficient glucose metabolism, by ensuring proper protein folding, and/or by preventing protein denaturation in the neural retina.[1]


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