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Matrix metalloproteinase inhibition in corneal ulceration.

The primary objective of current treatment strategies for infectious keratitis is to sterilize the ulcer as rapidly as possible with topically administered antibiotics. Ulcerative processes can proceed in some cases, despite the absence of microbes, as a result of remaining corneal and tear film MMPs. Combining antibiotic therapy with MMP inhibitors can speed corneal healing, because MMPs play an important role in corneal ulceration and stromal liquefaction. MMPs from the rabbit, horse, and human being are inhibited by metal-binding agents EDTA, NAC, and doxycycline as well as by the serum antiprotease alpha2-macroglobulin. It is not yet certain which proteinase inhibitor has the most favorable therapeutic index for clinical use, although we prefer serum because of its effects on multiple types of proteinases. The MMP inhibitors do have significant therapeutic promise in the treatment of corneal ulceration.[1]


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