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Disease relevance of Keratitis


High impact information on Keratitis


Chemical compound and disease context of Keratitis

  • Neurotrophic keratitis was found in 81% of neonatally denervated animals; mortality rate due to HSV-1 infection was reduced from 80% in the controls to 24% in the capsaicin-treated group, and recovery of latent virus by cocultivation was reduced by 50% [11].
  • A combination of acyclovir and dilute steroid drops appeared to be as effective as currently available treatments in the management of disciform keratitis [12].
  • Acyclovir 3 percent ophthalmic ointment was compared with trifluorothymidine 2 percent ointment in a double-blind trial of 59 herpes keratitis patients [13].
  • These studies indicate that cotherapy with ara-A and an adenosine deaminase inhibitor was a reasonable alternative therapy for keratitis due to mutants resistant to therapy with nucleoside analogs which require the virus-specified deoxypyrimidine kinase or DNA polymerase, while ara-A alone was not an effective alternative [14].
  • We therefore conclude that antibody-mediated prevention of stromal keratitis and encephalitis does not require the obligatory participation of CD4+, CD8+, or asialo GM1+ cells [15].

Biological context of Keratitis


Anatomical context of Keratitis


Gene context of Keratitis


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Keratitis


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