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Novel Escherichia coli mutant, dnaR, thermosensitive in initiation of chromosome replication.

A newly isolated Escherichia coli mutant thermosensitive in DNA synthesis had an allele named dnaR130, which was located at 26.3 minutes on the genetic map. The mutant was defective in initiation of chromosome replication but not in propagation at a high temperature. This mutant was capable of growing in the absence of the rnh function at the high temperature by means of a dnaA-independent replication mechanism. In the mutant exposed to the high temperature, an oriC plasmid was able to replicate, although at a lower rate than at the low temperature. The plasmid replication at the high temperature depended on the dnaA function essential for the initiation of replication from oriC. The mutant lacking the rnh function persistently maintained the oriC plasmid at the high temperature in a dnaA-dependent manner. Thus, the dnaR function was required for initiation of replication of the bacterial chromosome from oriC but not the oriC plasmid. This result reveals that a dnaR-dependent initiation mechanism that is dispensable for oriC plasmid replication operates in the bacterial chromosome replication.[1]


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