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A literature review on the prosthetic treatment of structurally compromised teeth.

PURPOSE: This article presents a review of the literature on biomechanical factors affecting the treatment outcome of prosthetic treatment of structurally compromised dentitions, with the main emphasis on often-compromised endodontically treated teeth. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Articles cited in a MEDLINE/PubMed search were reviewed with a focus on factors influencing the risk for fatigue failures. RESULTS: Technical failures in connection with fixed prosthodontics are often caused by fatigue fractures. The abutments, cement, and reconstruction are all subjected to stress caused by occlusal forces, and fatigue fracture may occur at the weakest point or where the maximum stress occurs. The weakest point is frequently in connection with endodontically treated teeth restored with posts and cores. CONCLUSION: The literature points to nonaxial forces as a risk for fatigue fracture of teeth, cement, and restorative material. Favorable occlusal prosthesis design is probably more important for survival of structurally compromised endodontically treated teeth than is the type of post used.[1]


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