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Trim5alpha protein restricts both HIV-1 and murine leukemia virus.

Replication of HIV-1 and N-tropic murine leukemia virus (N-MLV) is restricted in a number of different primate cells. In some cell lines, cross-saturation experiments suggest that the two viruses are interacting with the same restriction factor. Recently, Trim5alpha protein from rhesus monkey was found to restrict HIV-1. We have confirmed this result and have shown that Trim5alpha from two African green monkey cell lines, Vero and CV-1, also restricts HIV-1. In addition, we show that human, rhesus, and African green monkey Trim5alpha can restrict N-MLV. By using a panel of MLV capsid mutants, subtle differences in the anti-MLV activity were identified among the different primate Trim5alpha cDNAs. Trim1 isolated from humans and green monkeys was also found to restrict N-MLV. We hypothesize that the Trim family of proteins plays a widespread role in innate immunity to viral infection.[1]


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