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Immunity, Natural

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  • After more than two decades of effort by researchers, IPCs finally claim their place in the hematopoietic chart as the most important cell type in antiviral innate immunity [7].
  • C reactive protein, the first innate immunity receptor identified, and serum amyloid P component are classic short pentraxins produced in the liver [8].
  • TLR4 belongs to a family of innate immunity receptors that possess a large extracellular domain of leucine-rich repeats, a single trans-membrane segment, and a smaller cytoplasmic signaling region that engages the adaptor protein MyD88 [9].
  • The collectins, so named because they have in common an NH2-terminal collagen-like domain and a COOH-terminal lectin (carbohydrate binding) domain, are found in both lung and serum and participate in "innate" immunity, acting before induction of an antibody-mediated response [10].
  • Specific Bacterial Suppressors of MAMP Signaling Upstream of MAPKKK in Arabidopsis Innate Immunity [11].

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