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Yeast centrin Cdc31 is linked to the nuclear mRNA export machinery.

Centrins are calmodulin-like proteins that function in the duplication of microtubule-organizing centres. Here we describe a new function of the yeast centrin Cdc31. We show that overproduction of a sequence, termed CID, in the carboxy-terminal domain of the nuclear export factor Sac3 titrates Cdc31, causing a dominant-lethal phenotype and a block in spindle pole body (SPB) duplication. Under normal conditions, the CID motif recruits Cdc31 and Sus1 (a subunit of the SAGA transcription complex) to the Sac3-Thp1 complex, which functions in mRNA export together with specific nucleoporins at the nuclear basket. A previously reported cdc31 temperature-sensitive allele, which is neither defective in SPB duplication nor Kic1 kinase activation, induces mRNA export defects. Thus, Cdc31 has an unexpected link to the mRNA export machinery.[1]


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