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Expression of integrin subunits alpha2, alpha3, alpha5, alphav, beta1, beta3 and beta4 in different histological types of ameloblastoma compared with dental germ, dental lamina and adult lining epithelium.

OBJECTIVE: To analyze integrin expression and distribution in different histological types of ameloblastoma, compared with dental germ, dental lamina and adult lining epithelium. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Three-micrometer sections from paraffin-embedded specimens were evaluated employing a streptavidin-biotin immunohistochemical method and anti-integrin alpha2, alpha3, alpha5, alphav, beta1, beta3 and beta4 antibodies. RESULTS: All integrins were present in all specimens, exhibiting different patterns. In follicular ameloblastoma, the integrin staining was stronger in the periphery while integrin alpha2 was not present in the central cells. Acanthomatous ameloblastoma showed a similar pattern, with positive staining for integrins alpha3, alpha5, alphav, beta1 and beta4 in the metaplastic cells. In the unicystic, integrin staining was uniform except for integrins alpha5 and beta3 which showed weaker staining in the upper layers. In the plexiform ameloblastoma, dental germ and lamina integrin staining was uniform. In the adult lining epithelium, staining for integrins alpha2, alpha5 and beta4 was confined to the basal layer, while integrins alphav and beta3 were present in the basal and parabasal, with integrins alpha3 and beta1 in the upper layers. CONCLUSION: Acanthomatous, follicular and unicystic ameloblastomas showed integrin staining patterns similar to the adult lining epithelium while the plexiform ameloblastoma was similar to the dental germ and lamina.[1]


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