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An association of polymorphism of DNA repair genes XRCC1 and XRCC3 with colorectal cancer.

Variability in DNA repair genes may contribute to human cancer risk. We performed a case-control study (51 cases and 100 controls) to test the association between two polymorphisms: Arg399Gln in the XRCC1 gene and Thr241Met in the XRCC3 gene and colorectal cancer risk. Genotypes were determined in tumour tissue and distant mucosa samples by PCR RFLP with the NciI restriction enzyme for XRCC1 and NcoI for XRCC3. Cancer occurrence was strongly associated with the XRCC3 Met/Met polymorphic variant (OR = 9.45; (95% CI 8.77-11.65)), whereas Thr/Thr and Thr/Met variants were associated with significant reduction in colorectal cancer risk (OR = 0.16; 95% CI 0-0.26 and OR = 0.26; 95% CI 0.25-0.27, respectively). Weak association was found between the XRCC1 Arg/Arg and Gln/Gln variants and the risk of colorectal cancer (OR = 1.28; 95% CI 1.00-1.84 and OR = 1.13; 95% CI 0.85-2.34, respectively). Gene-gene interaction between the XRCC1 Arg/Arg and XRCC3 Met/Met homozygous variants slightly increased the risk (OR = 10.50; 95% CI 5.67-14.79). Both polymorphisms were not associated with colorectal cancer progression.[1]


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