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Gastric emptying of solid food is most potently inhibited by carbohydrate in the canine distal ileum.

Although glucose sensors regulating the gastric emptying of liquid meals are uniformly distributed throughout the canine small intestine, some data suggest that the distal small bowel more potently inhibits gastric emptying of solid foods. The aims of this study were to compare (a) the inhibition of gastric emptying by glucose sensors in the proximal intestine with the feedback from the distal intestine, (b) these effects on the gastric emptying of solids vs. liquids, and (c) the inhibitory effect of unhydrolyzed starch with glucose. In 7 dogs with chronic duodenal fistulas, the second, third, and fourth quarters of small bowel were perfused via chronically implanted transmural catheters. Gastric emptying of either solids or liquids was tracked by gamma camera while gastric output was diverted out the duodenal fistula and the small bowel perfused with test solutions of glucose (0.06-2.0 mol/L), 0.15 mol/L NaCl, or 8.5% soluble starch. It was found that (a) gastric emptying of solids but not liquids was approximately 3 times more potently inhibited by glucose in the fourth quarter vs. the first or second quarter of small bowel, and (b) only hydrolyzed starch inhibited gastric emptying of solids.[1]


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