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Preventing vincristine sulfate medication errors.

PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES: To review the clinical pharmacology of vincristine sulfate, describe three types of medication errors associated with its use, and suggest strategies for vincristine sulfate medication error prevention. DATA SOURCES: Published books and journal articles, online newsletters and documents, pharmaceutical manufacturers package inserts, and personal experience. DATA SYNTHESIS: Medication errors involving vincristine sulfate include overdosage (wrong dose), name confusion (wrong drug), and incorrect administration (wrong route). CONCLUSIONS: Vincristine medication errors are preventable errors that usually result in serious patient harm and often are lethal. IMPLICATIONS FOR NURSING: Nurses need to be aware of the types of medication errors that can occur with chemotherapy agents and be familiar with clinical signs and symptoms associated with these errors. Nurses also need to promote patient safety by implementing specific strategies to prevent vincristine medication errors.[1]


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