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Sol-gel synthesis, structure and bioactivity of polycaprolactone/CaO . SiO2 hybrid material.

A method has been developed to cast novel organic/inorganic polymer hybrids from multicomponent solutions containing tetramethyl orthosilicate, calcium nitrate tetrahydrate, polycaprolactone, water, and methylethyketone via sol-gel process. The existence of the hydrogen bonds between organic and inorganic components of the hybrid and hydroxyapatite formation on the surface was proved by Fourier transform infrared analysis. The morphology of the hybrid material was studied by scanning electron microscopy. The structure of a molecular level dispersion was disclosed by atomic force microscopy, pore size distribution, and surface measurements. The infrared spectra of the hybrid relative to sample soaked in a fluid simulating the composition of human blood plasma suggests that polycaprolactone/CaO * SiO(2) hybrid material synthesised via sol-gel process is bioactive as well as the CaO * SiO(2) gel glass.[1]


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