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Diagnosis and follow up of aortitis in the elderly.

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the correlation of MRI and [(18)F]FDG-PET scans with the clinical course and inflammatory markers in patients with aortitis. METHODS: Eight patients with aortitis presenting with unspecific GCA-like symptoms were examined. Aortitis was diagnosed and followed up by [(18)F]FDG-PET and MRI. The aorta was divided into three vascular regions (ascending aorta, aortic arch, and descending aorta) to localise the aortic inflammation and compare both imaging techniques. RESULTS: were correlated with clinical and laboratory examinations. RESULTS: At diagnosis, 20/24 vascular regions from eight patients were positive by [(18)F]FDG-PET scan and 15/21 aortic regions by MRI. Patients were treated with corticosteroids and followed up for a mean (SD) of 13.3 (4.7) months. In [(18)F]FDG-PET, 11/20 (55%) initially pathological aortic regions returned to normal in the follow up examination, which correlated closely with the clinical and laboratory follow up examination. Conversely, in MRI, 14/15 initially affected vascular regions were unchanged. CONCLUSIONS: [(18)F]FDG-PET and MRI are both effective techniques for detecting early aortitis and have a high correlation with laboratory inflammatory measures. However, during the follow up examination, [(18)F]FDG-PET uptake decreased in line with the clinical symptoms and inflammatory serum markers, whereas MRI scans gave more static results.[1]


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