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Disease relevance of Aorta


High impact information on Aorta

  • In contrast, the serotonin level in plasma from the ascending aorta did not change [6].
  • The mutant mice had five times normal plasma cholesterol, and developed foam cell-rich depositions in their proximal aortas by age 3 months [7].
  • We found decreased free nitric oxide (NO) levels in aged rat aortas, in conjunction with a sevenfold higher expression and activity of endothelial NO synthase (eNOS) [8].
  • Expression of genes that regulate regeneration of glutathione was reduced in the hAR-expressing aortas [9].
  • Ex vivo, NPY-induced aortic sprouting is markedly reduced in Y2(-/-) aortas and spontaneous sprouting is severely impaired in NPY(-/-) mice [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Aorta


Biological context of Aorta


Anatomical context of Aorta

  • A decrease in Na(+)-K+ ATPase activity (42%; P less than 0.05), only seen in the presence of endothelium, was also observed in aortas taken directly from alloxan-induced diabetic rabbits [21].
  • Smooth muscle cells were isolated from the aortas of mice with a targeted deletion of the DDR1 gene (DDR1-null) and studied in culture using models that mimic critical steps in neointimal thickening [22].
  • Intimal Mphi isolated from human aortas likewise showed endothelial cell contact-dependent, MCSF-induced proliferation [23].
  • An abundant expression of alpha 2MR/LRP mRNA and protein was found in SMC and macrophages in both early and advanced lesions in human aortas. alpha 2MR/LRP was also present in SMC in normal aortas [24].
  • Specific imidazolone immunoreactivity was detected in nodular lesions and expanded mesangial matrix of glomeruli, and renal arteries in an advanced stage of diabetic nephropathy, as well as in atherosclerotic lesions of aortas [25].

Associations of Aorta with chemical compounds

  • A time-course study illustrated that both L- and H-ferritin mRNAs were markedly increased in aortas of rabbits after feeding with a high cholesterol diet for 6 wk, which was also the time period after which the formation of lesions became evident [26].
  • Furthermore, endothelium-dependent relaxations to calcium ionophore and acetylcholine (both 10(-10) - 10(-5) mol/liter) were also reduced in aortas from old as compared with young rats (n = 6, P < 0.05) [27].
  • The induction of hsp70 mRNA by either norepinephrine or by phorbol dibutyrate was blunted in aortas from old (24-27 mo) rats whereas c-fos responses were not diminished in the older vessels [28].
  • PGI2 synthesis in de-endothelialized aortas was determined immediately after balloon-catheter injury and at intervals of 1 h and 2, 4, 15, 35, and 70 d [29].
  • In contrast, relaxations of transgenic aorta in response to acetylcholine and sodium nitroprusside were significantly attenuated, and the reduced vascular reactivity was associated with reduced response of cGMP elevation to these agents as compared with control aortas [30].

Gene context of Aorta

  • High levels of PDE1C were found in primary cultures of SMCs derived from explants of human newborn and adult aortas, and in SMCs cultured from severe atherosclerotic lesions [31].
  • MMP-2 was increased in the diseased aortas, and TIMP-2 was abundant in normal, AOD, and AAA samples [32].
  • In the aging aortas, the expression of both eNOS and iNOS isoforms was enhanced [33].
  • En face confocal microscopy of the mouse ascending aorta and proximal arch demonstrated that VCAM-1 expression was increased on the endothelial cell surface in lesion-prone areas [34].
  • The decrease in interleukin-12 production was recapitulated in vivo in mouse aortas of the triple knockout group and was reflected in a marked decrease in interferon-gamma expression [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Aorta


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