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Mapping of the azh locus to mouse chromosome 4.

The azh (abnormal spermatozoon headshape) mutation in the mouse, which results in abnormal sperm head formation, was demonstrated to display an autosomal recessive pattern of inheritance. The azh locus was mapped by crossing mice with the mutation on a relatively pure C57BL/6J(B6) background with C3H/HeKam and backcrossing the F1 mice to B6-azh/azh mice. Up to 60 backcross progeny were typed for azh, by microscopic examination of sperm heads, and for other markers. Eleven loci on chromosomes other than 4 showed no significant linkage with azh. Glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase-1 (Gpd-1), located on the distal part of chromosome 4, showed 26% recombination frequency with azh, indicating significant linkage (P less than .001). Linkage with an anonymous DNA probe for the D4Rp1 locus in the central region of chromosome 4 was then analyzed, and only a 5% recombination frequency was observed. The map location indicates that azh is distinct from other known mutations that also result in abnormal sperm heads.[1]


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