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Effects of antisocial personality, cocaine and opioid dependence, and gender on eye movement control.

Substance-dependent patients have been reported to exhibit abnormal smooth pursuit and saccadic eye movements. However, contrasts of the effects of different substances and the effects of comorbid psychiatric symptoms such as antisocial personality have rarely been performed. Separate analyses examined the effects of cocaine dependence, opioid dependence, or antisocial personality disorder. In each analysis, sex was included as an additional grouping factor. The dependent measures were the gain of smooth pursuit eye movement and the delay and accuracy of saccadic eye movement. Analyses of covariance indicated that both cocaine dependence and antisocial personality, but not opiate dependence, were associated with a significant reduction in gain of smooth pursuit eye movement. Cocaine dependence and antisocial personality also slowed the onset of saccadic eye movements, but only in men. No group differences were found in the accuracy of saccadic eye movements. The results suggest that the neurophysiological effects of cocaine dependence and antisocial personality overshadow the effects of heroin. The significance of these findings for visual attention and reading skill has yet to be assessed.[1]


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