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Antisocial Personality Disorder

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  • RESULTS: There was an 8-fold increased risk of drug disorders among the relatives of probands with drug disorders across a wide range of specific substances, including opioids, cocaine, cannabis, and alcohol, which is largely independent from the familial aggregation of both alcoholism and antisocial personality disorder [9].
  • RESULTS: Probands had significantly higher rates than comparisons of ADHD symptoms (11% vs 1%), antisocial personality disorders (18% vs 2%), and drug abuse disorders (16% vs 4%) [10].
  • The results suggest that the 5-HTT 'S' promoter polymorphism is associated with an increased risk for early onset alcoholism associated with antisocial personality disorder and impulsive, habitually violent behavior [11].
  • Gender differences in diagnosing antisocial personality disorder in methadone patients [12].
  • Methylphenidate in the treatment of aggression in two patients with antisocial personality disorder [7].

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