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The herpes simplex virus type 1 DNA packaging protein UL17 is a virion protein that is present in both the capsid and the tegument compartments.

The UL17 protein of herpes simplex virus type 1 is essential for packaging the viral genome into the procapsid, a spherical assembly intermediate, and is present in the mature virus particle. We have examined the distribution of UL17 in various assembly products and virions to determine which component of the virus particle UL17 is associated with and at what stage in capsid assembly UL17 is required. UL17 was present in the procapsid, in the DNA-containing angularized C capsid, and in two other angularized capsid forms, A and B, that lack DNA and are thought to be dead-end products. The results suggest that UL17 is a minor capsid protein which is incorporated into the procapsid during assembly of the particle. UL17 was also found in virions and in noninfectious structures known as light (L) particles, which possess a tegument and envelope but lack a capsid. The level of UL17 in these particles was much greater than the amount that could be attributed to capsid contamination of the purified L-particle preparation, suggesting that UL17 is also a tegument protein. The finding that virions contain approximately twofold more UL17 than do C capsids provided further support for the idea that UL17 is present in two different structural components within the mature virion. The UL25 packaging protein, which is also present in virions, was not found in significant amounts in L particles, indicating that it is associated only with the capsid. UL6, the third virion-associated packaging protein, was present in slightly increased levels in L particles.[1]


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