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Gene Review

UL17  -  capsid-associated

Human herpesvirus 1

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Disease relevance of UL17


High impact information on UL17

  • Herpes simplex virus type 1 DNA-packaging protein UL17 is required for efficient binding of UL25 to capsids [1].
  • The results suggest that UL17 is a minor capsid protein which is incorporated into the procapsid during assembly of the particle [2].
  • Functional characterization of PrV-DeltaUL17F, a deletion mutant lacking codons 23 to 444, demonstrated that cleavage of viral DNA into unit-length genomes was inhibited in the absence of UL17 [3].
  • Cells infected with the UL17 mutant virus also displayed UL6-specific fluorescence in a diffuse pattern at the nuclear periphery in regions not containing ICP35 and ICP5 [4].

Biological context of UL17

  • The properties of the UL17 and UL25 proteins are consistent with the idea that the two proteins are important in stabilizing capsid-DNA structures rather than having a direct role in DNA packaging [1].
  • We conclude that the UL17 gene is required for correct targeting of capsids and major and minor capsid proteins to the DNA replication compartment of HEp-2 cells and deduce that this targeting reflects one functional role of UL17 in viral DNA cleavage and packaging [4].

Other interactions of UL17


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