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Thoracolumbar intradural extramedullary bronchiogenic cyst.

Intradural extramedullary bronchiogenic cysts are rare findings. All five reported cases were located cervically or upper thoracically. To our knowledge, we describe the first case of an intraspinal bronchiogenic cyst in a thoracolumbar location.We present the case of a 41-year-old patient with a known spina bifida occulta who suffered from a continuous, sharp, and therapy-refractory pain in the left leg. Magnetic resonance imaging of the thoracic and lumbar vertebra revealed an intradural extramedullar mass at T12 to L1 level. After laminectomy T-12 through L-1/L-2 and longitudinal opening of the dura mater, the cystic mass was shown to be attached to the conus medullaris and the cauda equina, and therefore could be removed only partially. Histopathological examination revealed the diagnosis of bronchiogenic cyst. We therefore conclude that intradural extramedullary bronchiogenic cysts may appear also at thoracolumbar levels. Surgical resection can be achieved with good outcome.[1]


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