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Altered levels and protein kinase C-mediated phosphorylation of substrates in normal and transformed mouse lung epithelial cells.

Protein phosphorylation and protein kinase C (PKC) levels were analyzed in intact cultures of spontaneously transformed, chemically transformed, and untransformed mouse pulmonary epithelial cell lines. It was found that although the transformed cell lines contained about 80% less protein kinase C, measured as total enzyme activity or binding of [3H]phorbol ester, phosphorylation events after phorbol ester treatment could still be easily detected. A commonly described Mr 80-kDa protein kinase C substrate ( p80, 80 K, MARKS) was identified using 2D-PAGE, following phosphorylation in intact cells, and found to have reduced availability for phosphorylation in the transformed cell lines C4SE9, C1SA5 and NULB5 in comparison to the untransformed C4E10 and C1C10. Available levels of p80 were further analyzed in heat-denatured extracts from all cell lines using partially purified bovine brain PKC and correlated well with changes seen in intact cells. It was also noted that all transformed cell lines contained large amounts of a family of phosphoproteins of Mr 55-65 kDa, that could not be detected in the untransformed cell lines and whose phosphorylation state was increased by protein kinase C activation. This protein was found to be located in the nucleus. Hence, spontaneously and chemically transformed mouse pulmonary epithelial cells exhibit reduced levels of PKC, along with an altered pattern of PKC-mediated phosphorylation.[1]


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