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Linkage analysis of chromosome 1 with essential hypertension and blood pressure quantitative traits in Chinese families.

Summary Several recent studies have linked human chromosome 1p to essential hypertension (EH) or blood pressure (BP) levels. In an independent population of 148 hypertensive families from China we tested these findings. Thirty highly informative microsatellite markers spanning about 284 cM were genotyped. Qualitative linkage analysis was conducted using non-parametric linkage analysis implemented within the GENEHUNTER 2.0 software, whereas quantitative analysis was performed with the variance-component method integrated in the S.O.L.A.R. 1.7.4. software with an additional Haseman-Elston method using the SAGE/SIBPAL2 program. We observed suggestive linkage between D1S2890 (1p31, 80.9 cM) and hypertension using the multipoint non-parametric linkage analysis ( NPL = 2.19, P = 0.01). In the quantitative analysis we didn't observe a significant excess of identity-by-descent allele sharing between the systolic blood pressure levels and the markers. However, the D1S207 microsatellite marker (1p21) which is located about 107 cM from the telomere of 1p showed weak linkage evidence with the diastolic blood pressure levels (LOD = 1.42). These findings suggest linkage of 1p31 with essential hypertension in the ethnic Chinese, and provide a potential clue for future studies involving candidate genes for hypertension.[1]


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