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Leptin-like effects of MTII are augmented in MSG-obese rats.

To evaluate whether MTII, a melanocortin receptor 3/4 agonist, is working in hypophagic and hypothermogenic obese model, we measured food intake, body weight, oxygen consumption, and fat mass following intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) infusion of MTII in monosodium glutamate (MSG)-induced obese rats. MTII, or artificial cerebrospinal fluid (aCSF), was infused into i.c.v. with an osmotic minipump for 1 week. MSG-obese rats were induced by neonatal injection of MSG. Five-month-old MSG rats were characterized by hypophagia, lower oxygen consumption, hyperleptinemia, and obesity compared to age-matched control rats. The infusion of MTII decreased their food intake, visceral fat, and body weight in MSG-obese rats compared with aCSF-infused rats. The oxygen consumption was increased by MTII treatment in MSG-obese rats compared with aCSF as well as pair fed (PF) rats. Interestingly, these leptin-like effects of MTII were greater in MSG-obese rats than in controls, which might be related to the increased expression of melanocortin receptor 4 ( MC4R) in the hypothalamus of MSG-obese rats. Our results suggested that both anorexic and thermogenic mechanisms were activated by MTII in the MSG-obese rats and contributed to the decrease in body weight and fat mass. Moreover, there was a sensitization to MTII caused by upregulation of the melanocortin receptor in the MSG-obese rats.[1]


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