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Local and systemic inhibition of lung tumor growth after nanoparticle-mediated mda-7/ IL-24 gene delivery.

The human melanoma differentiation associated gene-7 ( mda-7), also known as interleukin-24 ( IL-24), is a novel gene with tumor suppressor, antiangiogenic, and cytokine properties. In vitro adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of the human mda-7/ IL-24 gene (Ad- mda-7) results in ubiquitous growth suppression of human cancer cells with minimal toxicity to normal cells. Intratumoral administration of Ad- mda-7 to lung tumor xenografts results in growth suppression via induction of apoptosis and antiangiogenic mechanisms. Although these results are encouraging, one limitation of this approach is that its locoregional clinical application-systemic delivery of adenoviruses for treatment of disseminated cancer is not feasible at the present time. An alternative approach that is suitable for systemic application is non-viral gene delivery. We recently demonstrated that DOTAP:cholesterol (DOTAP:Chol) nanoparticles effectively deliver tumor suppressor genes to primary and disseminated lung tumors. In the present study, therefore, we evaluated nanoparticle-mediated delivery of the human mda-7/ IL-24 gene to primary and disseminated lung tumors in vivo. We demonstrate that DOTAP:Chol efficiently delivers the mda-7/ IL-24 gene to human lung tumor xenografts, resulting in suppression of tumor growth. Growth-inhibitory effects were observed in both primary (P=0.001) and metastatic lung tumors (P=0.02). Furthermore, tumor vascularization was reduced in mda-7/ IL-24-treated tumors. Finally, growth was also inhibited in murine syngenic tumors treated with DOTAP:Chol- mda-7 nanoparticles (P=0.01). This is the first report demonstrating (1) systemic therapeutic effects of mda-7/ IL-24 in lung cancer, and (2) antitumor effects of human mda-7 in syngeneic cancer models. Our findings are important for the development of mda-7/ IL-24 treatments for primary and disseminated cancers.[1]


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