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Inhibitory effects of volatile antioxidants found in various beans on malonaldehyde formation in horse blood plasma.

The inhibitory effect of aroma extracts isolated from dried soybeans, mung beans, kidney beans, and azuki beans on malonaldehyde (MA) formation from horse blood plasma oxidized with Fenton's reagent was determined by gas chromatography (GC) coupled with nitrogen-phosphorus detector (NPD). Aroma chemicals such as maltol, eugenol, benzyl alcohol, 1-octen-3-ol, butyrolactone, and 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, found in the aroma extracts of beans, were also examined for their inhibitory effect on the same system. Among the four aroma extracts tested, the aroma extract of soybeans exhibited the strongest antioxidant activity. Extracts of soybeans, mung beans, azuki beans, and kidney beans inhibited MA formation by 58%, 47%, 40%, and 23%, respectively, at the level of 400 microg/mL, whereas, alpha-tocopherol and BHT inhibited MA formation by 52% and 70%, respectively, at the same level. Among the tested aroma chemicals, the antioxidant activity decreased in the following order: eugenol>maltol>1-octen-3-ol>benzyl alcohol>butyrolactone>1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone.[1]


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