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The Drosophila pumilio gene: an unusually long transcription unit and an unusual protein.

Specification of the posterior body plan in Drosophila requires the action of a determinant prelocalized to the posterior pole of the embryo. During embryogenesis this determinant appears to move anteriorly in a process dependent on the pumilio (pum) gene. This report describes the cloning and molecular characterization of a cDNA derived from the pum gene, and the analysis of pum mRNA and protein expression during early Drosophila development. The pum gene is unusually large; comparison of genomic and cDNA sequences reveals that the pum transcription unit is at least 160 kb in length. The pum cDNA encodes a 157 x 10(3) M(r) protein which consists mainly of regions enriched in a single amino acid, usually glycine, alanine, glutamine or serine/threonine. Six tandem repeats of a 36 amino acid repeat unit are also present. Pum protein is cytoplasmic and is concentrated in a subcortical region of the embryo. The distribution of pum protein exhibits no asymmetry along the anteroposterior axis of the embryo.[1]


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