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A natural history of a child with monosomy 5p syndrome (Cat-cry/Cri-du-chat syndrome) during the 18 years of follow-up.

A record of a natural history of a long-term case study devoted to monosomy 5p (Cat-cry/Cri-du-chat) syndrome has been described rarely. Knowledge on the range of the changes in phenotype attributable to advancing age can be useful in clinical diagnosis of monosomy 5p at the different developmental stages, including adolescence, as well in prognosis for genetic counseling. In this case a detailed analysis of the morphologic phenotype in a girl with del(5)(p13.3) observed from 4 months to 18 years of age is reported. The comparative analysis of the girl's phenotype in different developmental stages has revealed that microcephaly, flat occipital region, face asymmetry, wide spaced palpebral fissures, epicanthic folds, small mouth fissure, thin mucous lip, small and low set ears and short IV metacarpals has not changed with advancing age. However, facial asymmetry was more evident, frontal tubers were less prominent, nasal root and back became prominent nasal back became elongated, the subnasal region was shorter and marked malocclusion appeared.[1]


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