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Differential requirements for the activation domain and FOG-interaction surface of GATA-1 in megakaryocyte gene expression and development.

GATA1 is mutated in patients with 2 different disorders. First, individuals with a GATA1 mutation that blocks the interaction between GATA-1 and its cofactor Friend of GATA-1 (FOG-1) suffer from dyserythropoietic anemia and thrombocytopenia. Second, children with Down syndrome who develop acute megakaryoblastic leukemia harbor mutations in GATA1 that lead to the exclusive expression of a shorter isoform named GATA-1s. To determine the effect of these patient-specific mutations on GATA-1 function, we first compared the gene expression profile between wild-type and GATA-1-deficient megakaryocytes. Next, we introduced either GATA-1s or a FOG-binding mutant (V205G) into GATA-1-deficient megakaryocytes and assessed the effect on differentiation and gene expression. Whereas GATA-1-deficient megakaryocytes failed to undergo terminal differentiation and proliferated excessively in vitro, GATA-1s-expressing cells displayed proplatelet formation and other features of terminal maturation, but continued to proliferate aberrantly. In contrast, megakaryocytes that expressed V205G GATA-1 exhibited reduced proliferation, but failed to undergo maturation. Examination of the expression of megakaryocyte-specific genes in the various rescued cells correlated with the observed phenotypic differences. These studies show that GATA-1 is required for both normal regulation of proliferation and terminal maturation of megakaryocytes, and further, that these functions can be uncoupled by mutations in GATA1.[1]


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