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S/ MAR- binding properties of Sox2 and its involvement in apoptosis of human NT2 neural precursors.

DNA fragmentation in apoptosis, especially in lymphocytic cells, is initiated at scaffold/matrix attachment regions (S/MARs) and is preceded by the degradation of nuclear proteins. The present study was performed to establish whether the same mechanism occurred in human NT2 cells subjected to oxygen and glucose deprivation (OGD). We analyzed the integrity of c-myc S/ MAR containing a base-unpairing region (BUR)-like element, which we established to be a binding site of the transcription factor Sox2. An accumulation of DNA breaks in close proximity to this element and a degradation of Sox2 were observed early in the OGD-induced apoptotic response. Identification of Sox2 as a novel c-myc BUR-binding protein was achieved through yeast one-hybrid screening and the Sox2/DNA interaction was confirmed by electrophoretic mobility shift assay and immunoprecipitation with Sox2 antibody. Our data support the notion that early proteolysis of unique BUR-binding proteins might represent a universal mechanism that renders these DNA sites vulnerable to endonucleolysis.[1]


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