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A family of insulinomimetic zinc(II) complexes of amino ligands with Zn(Nn) (n=3 and 4) coordination modes.

Several metal ions and their complexes have been known to mimic the action of insulin in in vitro and in vivo systems. We prepared a family of Zn(II) complexes derived from amino ligands with Zn(Nn) (n=3 and 4) coordination modes, the insulinomimetic activity being estimated by an inhibitory effect of free fatty acid release from isolated rat adipocytes treated with epinephrine. In comparison with the positive controls VOSO(4) and ZnSO(4), Zn(II)-amine complexes with stability constants (log beta) lower than 11.5 exhibited higher insulinomimetic activities. Among them, a bis(2-aminomethyl pyridinato)Zn(II) (Zn(2-ampy)(2)(2+)) complex with the highest insulinomimetic activity and a higher stability constant but lower than 11.5 was selected, and subjected to in vivo evaluation in KK-A(y) mice with a genetically type 2 diabetes mellitus. The high blood glucose level of the mice was lowered by daily intraperitoneal injections of Zn(2-ampy)(2)(2+) at a dose of 2 mg Zn/kg body weight for 14 days. Based on the results, Zn(2-ampy)(2)(2+) with Zn(N(4)) coordination mode was proposed to have both a high in vitro insulinomimetic activity and an in vivo blood glucose lowering effect.[1]


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