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CUTL1 is a target of TGF(beta) signaling that enhances cancer cell motility and invasiveness.

CUTL1, also known as CDP, Cut, or Cux-1, is a homeodomain transcriptional regulator known to be involved in development and cell cycle progression. Here we report that CUTL1 activity is associated with increased migration and invasiveness in numerous tumor cell lines, both in vitro and in vivo. Furthermore, we identify CUTL1 as a transcriptional target of transforming growth factor beta and a mediator of its promigratory effects. CUTL1 activates a transcriptional program regulating genes involved in cell motility, invasion, and extracellular matrix composition. CUTL1 expression is significantly increased in high-grade carcinomas and is inversely correlated with survival in breast cancer. This suggests that CUTL1 plays a central role in coordinating a gene expression program associated with cell motility and tumor progression.[1]


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