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Dermatophytosis of the ear.

OBJECTIVES: The prevalence and characteristics of patients with and without dermatophytosis of the ear were investigated. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING: Prospective clinical study. In 54 patients who complained of slight itching or accumulation of cerumen, and/or who had erythema and scales in the ears, the presence of dermatophytosis was examined by potassium hydroxide and dimethyl sulfoxide (KOH-DMSO test). RESULTS: Nineteen patients had dermatophytosis of the ear. Dermatophytosis was more frequent in May and June. Other clinical characteristics did not differ markedly from those without dermatophytosis. CONCLUSION: About one third of patients had dermatophytosis and their characteristics were similar to those of patients without dermatophytosis except for seasonal variation. SIGNIFICANCE: Dermatophytosis of the ear may be increased. Its diagnosis is difficult without the KOH-DMSO test.[1]


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