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Disease relevance of Dermatomycoses


High impact information on Dermatomycoses


Chemical compound and disease context of Dermatomycoses


Biological context of Dermatomycoses


Anatomical context of Dermatomycoses

  • The excellent therapeutic efficacy of butenafine on experimental dermatophytosis may be attributed to its low MIC and good penetration and distribution in the horny layer and hair follicles, where fungi reside [19].
  • In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 148 patients with toenail dermatophytosis were randomized to treatment with either 250 mg terbinafine daily or placebo for 3 months [20].
  • The efficacy of these compounds was evaluated with respect to direct cell-membrane damaging activity, ergosterol biosynthesis inhibition, minimum growth-inhibitory concentration (MIC) and therapeutic effect for experimental dermatophytosis of guinea pigs [21].
  • IBH lesions fixed in PFA for >24 h were compared to dermatomycosis (DM) lesions; IBH biopsies contained a similar number of IgE-protein+ cells to DM biopsies (median = 249 vs. 192 cells/mm2; P = 0.08) but had significantly more IgE-mRNA+, metachromatic and tryptase+ mast cells than DM biopsies [22].
  • A case of deep dermatophytosis in the gluteal region in a male patient successfully treated with terbinafine is described with its clinical, mycological and histopathological features [23].

Gene context of Dermatomycoses


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dermatomycoses


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