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Possible role of direct Rac1-Rab7 interaction in ruffled border formation of osteoclasts.

Rab7 has been shown to regulate the late steps of the endocytic pathway. In bone-resorbing osteoclasts, it is involved in formation of the ruffled border, which is a late endosomal-like compartment in the plasma membrane. Here we report a new Rab7-interacting protein, Rac1, another small GTPase protein that binds to the GTP-form of Rab7 as found with a two-hybrid system. We demonstrate further that Rab7 colocalizes with Rac1 at the fusion zone of the ruffled border in bone-resorbing osteoclasts. In other cell types, such as fibroblast-like cells, partial colocalization is perinuclear. Because Rac1 is known to control the actin cytoskeleton through its effectors, the Rab7-Rac1 interaction may mediate late endosomal transport between microtubules and microfilaments enabling endosomal vesicles to switch tracks and may thus also regulate ruffled border formation in osteoclasts.[1]


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