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CDNA microarray analysis of nerve growth factor-regulated gene expression profile in rat PC12 cells.

Nerve growth factor (NGF)-driven differentiation of PC12 cells into neuronal-like cells provides a representative model system for studying neuronal differentiation processes. Despite of extensive research, gene regulation associated with the differentiation program in PC12 cells still needs to be elucidated. We used cDNA microarray analysis to characterize the response of PC12 cells to NGF at mRNA expression. Forty-six genes were reproducibly influenced by 2-fold or more after NGF treatment for 5 days. Twenty-five of the regulated transcripts were matched to genes which have known functions. Among the microarray results confirmed with real-time reverse transcriptase assay, several genes have not previously known to be modulated by NGF. The results mostly reflected changes in molecules regulating neural plasticity, cytoskeletal organization, and lipid metabolism, which include neuritin, PDZ protein Mrt1, lipoprotein lipase, tropomodulin 1 and rhoB. These observed genetic changes may provide new information about molecular mechanisms underlying NGF-promoted differentiation of PC12 cells.[1]


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