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Synergistic action of immunostimulatory DNA and fcgamma receptor IIB-crosslinking on B-cell phenotype and function.

CpG DNA functions via the toll-like receptor-9 (TLR-9) receptor, inducing B cell proliferation and promoting immunoglobulin production. B cell responses to CpG DNA-containing immune complexes could be important in chronic autoimmunity and immune responses to bacterial components. Therefore, we investigated the potential synergy of CpG DNA-stimulation with FcgammaR clustering ( CFR) on splenic B cell activity. CFR-induced splenocyte proliferation was significantly increased compared to treatment with CpG DNA alone. While the levels of interleukin-10 (IL-10) were increased in CpG DNA-treated splenocyte cultures, particularly following FcgammaRII/III-clustering, CFR treatment reduced IL-6 levels. B-cell maturation in culture was enhanced by CFR. Indeed, the frequency of IgG expressing cells after stimulation with CpG DNA was increased and was even higher after CFR stimulation. Furthermore, the frequency of plasma cell precursors was markedly increased by stimulation with CFR. Late splenic B cell subsets, transitional type 2 (T2) and mature (M) B cells, responded strongly to CpG DNA with proliferation and the response was enhanced by FcgammaR-clustering. Immature transitional type 1 (T1) B cells showed distinctly lower proliferative response to CpG DNA and very small effects of FcgammaR-clustering, despite similar expression of Fcgamma-receptors by all B cell subsets. In conclusion, these data show synergistic impact of CpG DNA and simultaneous FcgammaR-clustering on B cell proliferation and differentiation.[1]


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