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Phosphodiesterase type 4 inhibitor rolipram inhibits activation of monocytes during extracorporeal circulation.

OBJECTIVE: Cardiopulmonary bypass is associated with systemic inflammatory response syndrome and risk of multiorgan injury mediated by activated leukocytes. Phosphodiesterase type 4 is the predominant phosphodiesterase isozyme in leukocytes and plays a key role in the regulation of leukocyte activation. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of rolipram, a selective phosphodiesterase type 4 inhibitor, on functional changes of monocytes during simulated extracorporeal circulation. METHODS AND RESULTS: Simulated extracorporeal circulation was established by recirculating heparinized human blood for 120 minutes on a membrane oxygenator with or without 10 micromol/L of rolipram. L-selectin and CD11b expression of monocytes were measured with flow cytometry. C4d fragment, Bb fragment, C5b-9, and interleukin-6 were measured with enzyme immunoassay. Rolipram reduced the increase in CD11b expression and the decrease in L-selectin expression of monocytes in response to simulated extracorporeal circulation. Rolipram inhibited the increase in C4d fragment and interleukin-6, but it did not affect the increase in Bb fragment or C5b-9. CONCLUSION: Rolipram inhibited changes in adhesion molecule expression and interleukin-6 release by activated monocytes in simulated extracorporeal circulation. This study suggests that phosphodiesterase type 4 inhibition could be feasible therapeutic strategy to prevent exaggerated inflammatory response and organ injury in patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass.[1]


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