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Gene transfection into HeLa cells by vesicles containing cationic peptide lipid.

Lipid vesicles are potentially useful as microcapsules for drug and/or gene delivery. We developed cationic lipid vesicles consisting mainly of sorbitan monooleate (Span 80) and cationic peptide lipid (CPL), and evaluated the CPL vesicles as gene transfection vectors. The optimum CPL concentration for gene transfection into HeLa cells was found to be 20 wt % of total lipid, and such CPL vesicles did not exhibit significant cytotoxicity. Co-culture of Poly-L-lysine and plasmids prior to making CPL vesicle-plasmid complexes was effective. Lipofection using LipofectAMINE was suppressed in 10% serum-supplemented medium. The transfection efficiency of 20 wt % CPL vesicles, however, was not affected by serum in the medium when plasmids were treated with poly-L-lysine.[1]


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