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ICAM-3- induced cancer cell proliferation through the PI3K/Akt pathway.

ICAM-3 interacts with LFA1, and is involved in the intercellular adhesion of leukocytes as well as in the mainenance of cell survival. It has also been suggested to induce cancer cell proliferation but the precise signaling pathway is unclear. The aim of this study was to determine the ICAM-3-activated downstream pathway in H1299 lung cancer cells. The level of ICAM-3-induced cell growth was examined using BrdU incorporation, which is a colony-forming assay, FACS analysis, and cell counting. The results showed that ICAM-3 expression induces cancer cell proliferation. In addition, FAK, Akt, PDK1, GSK-3beta, BAD, and PTEN were phosphorylated by ICAM-3-overexpression, resulting in enhanced cell proliferation. In conclusion, ICAM-3 expression induces cancer cell proliferation, and an increase in ICAM-3 expression can contribute to cancer progression.[1]


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