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Transactivation of the ICAM-1 gene by CD30 in Hodgkin's lymphoma.

The ICAM-1/ LFA-1 complex mediates cell-cell interaction. ICAM-1 is overexpressed in Hodgkin/Reed-Sternberg (H/RS) cells, and serum levels of its soluble form are higher in Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) patients than in controls. There are no data, however, regarding the regulation of expression of ICAM-1 in H/RS cells. CD30 was identified in H/RS cells of HL and has attracted much interest as a molecular marker of HL. To analyze ICAM-1 expression in H/RS cells, we examined the expression of ICAM-1, LFA-1, CD30 and CD30L in HL-derived cell lines. All cell lines expressed ICAM-1 and CD30, but not LFA-1 or CD30L. CD30 induced ICAM-1 expression. Analysis of the ICAM-1 promoter showed the importance of NF-kappaB binding site for CD30- induced ICAM-1 gene expression. Coexpression of IkappaB, IKK, NIK and TRAF dominant-negative constructs with CD30 inhibited CD30- induced activation of ICAM-1 promoter, suggesting that CD30 induces ICAM-1 via NF-kappaB signalling. The ICAM-1 promoter was activated by the C-terminal region of CD30, which activated NF-kappaB signalling. A decoy CD30 lacking the cytoplasmic region inhibited ICAM-1 promoter activity in HL cell lines. Thus, in H/RS cells, ligand-independent activation of CD30 signalling activates NF-kappaB and this leads to constitutive ICAM-1 expression, suggesting a link between 2 well known phenotypic characteristics of HL, CD30 and ICAM-1 overexpression.[1]


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