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The hnRNPs F and H2 bind to similar sequences to influence gene expression.

The hnRNPs (heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins) F and H2 share a similar protein structure. Both have been implicated as regulating polyadenylation, but hnRNP H2 had a positive effect, whereas hnRNP F acted negatively. We therefore carried out side-by-side comparisons of their RNA-binding and in vivo actions. The binding of the CstF2 (64 kDa cleavage stimulatory factor) to SV40 (simian virus 40) late pre-mRNA substrates containing a downstream GRS (guanine-rich sequence) was reduced by hnRNP F, but not by hnRNP H2, in a UV-cross-linking assay. Point mutations of the 14-nt GRS influenced the binding of purified hnRNP F or H2 in parallel. Co-operative binding of the individual proteins to RNA was lost with mutations of the GRS in the G1-5 or G12-14 regions; both regions seem to be necessary for optimal interactions. Using a reporter green fluorescent protein assay with the GRS inserted downstream of the poly(A) (polyadenine) signal, expression in vivo was diminished by a mutant G1-5 sequence which decreased binding of both hnRNPs (SAA20) and was enhanced by a 12-14-nt mutant that showed enhanced hnRNP F or H2 binding (SAA10). Using small interfering RNA, down-regulation of hnRNP H2 levels diminished reporter expression, confirming that hnRNP H2 confers a positive influence; in contrast, decreasing hnRNP F levels had a negligible influence on reporter expression with the intact GRS. A pronounced diminution in reporter expression was seen with the SAA20 mutant for both. Thus the relative levels of hnRNP F and H2 in cells, as well as the target sequences in the downstream GRS on pre-mRNA, influence gene expression.[1]


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