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Intracellular trafficking of fluorescently tagged proteins associated with pathogenesis in Candida albicans.

Proteins that enter the secretory pathway play important roles in virulence and pathogenesis in Candida albicans, but our understanding of the trafficking of these proteins is in its early stages. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, dominant negative alleles of YPT1 and SEC4 interrupt secretory traffic at pre- and post-Golgi steps, respectively. We therefore used a dominant negative genetic approach to examine the intracellular trafficking of several proteins associated with virulence or azole resistance. When the dominant negative ypt1(N121I) allele of C. albicans was overexpressed, yellow-fluorescent protein (YFP) tagged forms of two plasma membrane transporters (Cdrlp and Ftrlp) and the vacuolar membrane ABC transporter Mltlp accumulated in intracellular structures that appeared related to the ER, but localization of Cdc10p and Int1p was unaffected. When the dominant negative sec4(S28N) allele of C. albicans was overexpressed, Cdrlp and Ftrlp accumulated intracellularly, and localization of Mltlp, Cdc10p and Int1p was unaffected. These results imply that (i) Cdrlp and Ftrlp are transported to the plasma membrane by the general secretory pathway, (ii) Mlt1p enters the secretory pathway but is diverted to the vacuole at an early post-Golgi step, and (iii) like Cdc10p, Int1p does not enter the general secretory pathway.[1]


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