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Fluorescent, acyl chain-labeled phosphatidylcholine analogs reveal novel transport pathways across the plasma membrane of yeast.

Acyl chain-labeled NBD-phosphatidylcholine (NBD-PC) has been used to identify three gene products (Lem3p, Dnf1p, and Dnf2p) that are required for normal levels of inward-directed phospholipid transport (flip) across the plasma membrane of yeast. Although the head group structure of acyl chain-labeled NBD phospholipids has been shown to influence the mechanism of flip across the plasma membrane, the extent to which the acyl chain region and the associated fluorophore affect flip has not been assessed. Given the identification of these proteins required for NBD-PC flip, it is now possible to determine whether the fluorophore attached to a phospholipid acyl chain influences the mechanism of flip. Thus, flip of phosphatidylcholine molecules with three different Bodipy fluorophores (Bodipy FL, Bodipy 530, and Bodipy 581) was tested and compared with that of NBD-PC in strains carrying deletions in LEM3, DNF1, and DNF2. Deletion of these genes significantly reduced the flip of NBD-PC and Bodipy FL-PC but had no effect on that of Bodipy 581-PC and Bodipy 530-PC. These data, in combination with comparisons of the effect of ATP depletion, collapse of the proton electrochemical gradient across the plasma membrane, and culture density led to the conclusion that at least three different flip pathways exist in yeast that are selective for the structure of the fluorophore attached to the acyl chain of phosphatidylcholine molecules.[1]


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