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Antibiotic therapy for urinary tract infections.

Loracarbef, a member of the carbacephem class of beta-lactam antibiotics, was tested in randomized, double-blind, parallel studies for the treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs). In one study conducted in the United States, a 7-day course of once-daily doses of loracarbef (200 mg) was compared with a 7-day course of multiple daily doses of cefaclor (250 mg three times a day). Analysis of data from a small, homogeneous patient population of 108 college-aged women showed that loracarbef produced clinical and bacteriologic responses similar to those produced by cefaclor. At 5-9 days posttherapy, bacteriologic cure was observed in 96% of patients in the loracarbef group and 90% of patients in the cefaclor group (p = 0.614); at 4-6 weeks post-therapy, the same cure rate (81%) was observed in both groups. Analysis of the larger (333 patients) and more heterogeneous study population containing several male and elderly female patients showed that loracarbef again produced responses similar to those produced by cefaclor, with no statistically significant differences seen between the groups at 5-9 days or at 4-6 weeks posttherapy. The adverse events reported by the loracarbef and cefaclor groups were also comparable in both the small and large patient populations analyzed. Similarly favorable results were seen when a 7-day regimen of loracarbef (200 mg once a day) was compared with a 7-day regimen of norfloxacin (400 mg twice a day) in a large European study of approximately 300 patients with uncomplicated cystitis. These studies demonstrate that the safety and efficacy of once-daily loracarbef are comparable to the safety and efficacy of multiple-dose/day therapy with other antimicrobial agents commonly used in the treatment of uncomplicated UTIs.[1]


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