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High-resolution map and imprinting analysis of the Gtl2-Dnchc1 domain on mouse chromosome 12.

The imprinted Dlk1-Dio3 region on mouse chromosome 12 contains six imprinted genes and a number of maternally expressed snoRNAs and miRNAs. Here we present a high-resolution sequence analysis of the 1.1-Mb segment telomeric to Gtl2 in mouse and a homology comparison to the human. Ppp2r5c and Dnchc1 at the telomeric end of the analyzed sequence are biallelically expressed, suggesting that the imprinted domain does not extend beyond the paternally expressed Dio3 gene. RT-PCR experiments support the predicted presence of a maternally expressed intergenic transcript(s) encompassing Gtl2, Rian, and Mirg. These maternally expressed genes, and also the intergenic transcript(s), show pronounced expression in the adult mouse brain, whereas the paternally transcribed Dio3 and the nonimprinted Ppp2r5c and Dnchc1 are expressed in different tissues. Hence, tissue-specific coregulation of maternally expressed genes might be an important feature of this domain.[1]


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