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Gene Review

Dlk1  -  delta-like 1 homolog (Drosophila)

Mus musculus

Synonyms: AW742678, Adipocyte differentiation inhibitor protein, DLK-1, Dlk, DlkI, ...
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Disease relevance of Dlk1


High impact information on Dlk1

  • Here we report the cloning of new complementary DNAs that encode the 3T3 preadipocyte factor (termed AEBP1) and demonstrate that AEBP1 expression is abolished during adipocyte differentiation [4].
  • Furthermore, we show that Dlk1 is tightly linked to the maternally expressed Gtl2 gene [5].
  • In preadipocytes Foxa-2 inhibits adipocyte differentiation by activating transcription of the Pref-1 gene [6].
  • These findings demonstrate the inhibition of adipogenesis by Pref-1 in vivo and the resulting impairment of adipocyte function that leads to the development of metabolic abnormalities [1].
  • Mice expressing the Pref-1/hFc transgene exclusively in liver under the control of the albumin promoter also showed a decrease in adipose mass and adipocyte marker expression, suggesting an endocrine mode of action of Pref-1 [1].

Biological context of Dlk1


Anatomical context of Dlk1


Associations of Dlk1 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of Dlk1

  • TNF alpha-mediated inhibition and reversal of adipocyte differentiation is accompanied by suppressed expression of PPARgamma without effects on Pref-1 expression [16].
  • These results indicate that Pref-1 expressed by TE cells and HES-1 expressed by thymocytes are critically involved in supporting thymocyte cellularity [17].

Other interactions of Dlk1

  • The imprinted Dlk1-Dio3 region on mouse chromosome 12 contains six imprinted genes and a number of maternally expressed snoRNAs and miRNAs [18].
  • We show that the two genes located immediately proximal to Dlk1, the Yy1 and Wars genes, are expressed in a biallelic manner [19].
  • Imprinting of Igf2r, Kcnq1, Gt12, and Dlk1 varied among individuals [20].
  • Dlk was expressed exclusively from the paternal allele in both the embryo and placenta, but the CpG-island promoter of Dlk was completely unmethylated on both parental alleles [21].
  • Insulin-like growth factor-1/insulin bypasses Pref-1/FA1-mediated inhibition of adipocyte differentiation [12].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dlk1

  • Assignment of dlk (Dlk1) to mouse chromosome band 12E-F1 by in situ hybridization [22].
  • In addition, coculture of C3H10T1/2 cells with other cells expressing Dlk1, but not with cells lacking Dlk1 expression, enhances their adipogenic response [9].
  • We have used BAC transgenesis in the mouse to begin to delineate the region of DNA required for proper expression and imprinting of the mouse Delta-like1 (Dlk1) and Gene-trap locus2 (Gtl2) imprinted genes [23].
  • By transplantation of Dlk+ cells into the spleen, donor-derived hepatocytes were found in the recipient liver, indicating that Dlk+ cells differentiated into hepatocytes in vivo [11].
  • Through RT-PCR and the isolation and analysis of multiple pref-1 cDNA clones, we have identified, in addition to full-length pref-1, five alternately spliced forms with various in-frame deletions of all or a part of the sixth EGF-like repeat, juxta-membrane, and predicted transmembrane domains.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[24]


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