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Stress proteins expression in rat kidney and liver chronically exposed to aluminium sulphate.

Aluminium (Al) is the third most widespread metal in the environment. It is toxic for the brain, bone and haematological system but unfortunately very little data exist for other organs. Stress proteins are induced or enhanced against metal toxicity with an essential role in the recovery of organules and other cellular proteins. This immunohistochemical study was performed to analyze the distribution of three stress proteins (HSP25, HSP72, GRP75) in rat kidney and liver orally exposed to Al sulphate daily for 3 and 6 months. Al-induced alterations were further studied by histopathology (H-E, PAS, Perl's, Masson) and ultrastructural morphometry. In the kidney: HSP25 was enhanced in proximal tubules after 6 months Al-exposure when abnormal brush borders were observed; HSP72 was induced in proximal tubules only after long Al-treatment; GRP75 was raised in midcortical area sometimes within nuclei. Furthermore, lysosomal and lipofuscins densities increased in the juxtamedullary tubules after 3 months Al exposure with respect to controls. In the liver: Perl's-positive deposits and fibrosis became evident after Al treatment. HSP25 was very weak; HSP72 focal in pericentral hepatocytes at 3 months and induced also in Kupffer cells at 6 months; GRP75 diffuse in periportal hepatocytes and non parenchymal cells at 6 months. Prolonged Al exposure stimulated stress proteins strictly organ-dependently in the rat. Their distribution in kidney and liver seems related to cumulative sublethal effects induced by metal and could be a sensitive index of Al susceptibility of these organs.[1]


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