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Multipoint interphase FISH analysis of chromosome 3 abnormalities in 28 childhood AML patients.

We detected non-random 3p losses and 3q gains on well-determined regions in both murine and human tumors using a microcell hybrid-based model system called 'elimination test'. We suggest that these are general malignancy-associated aberrations not necessarily linked to a particular tissue of origin. To examine chromosome 3 abnormalities, in 28 childhood acute myeloid leukemia bone marrow samples, we performed interphase multipoint-fluorescence in situ hybridization using 84 chromosome 3-specific probes and detected clonal chromosome 3 aberrations in nine cases, which is of a higher frequency than the previously reported one. In 3/28 children, a chromosome 3 abnormality was detected which was not visible using conventional cytogenetic analysis. We did not detect any 3p deletion. Increased copy number of 3q was found in four cases with trisomy of whole chromosome 3 and one case with 3q tetrasomy (isodisomy). We identified rare structural rearrangements in childhood acute myeloblastic leukemia, involving 3q21 and 3q26 loci around RPN1 and MDS1/EVI1 respectively. The poor outcome in pediatric patients with 3q rearrangements appears to be quite uniform.[1]


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