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Effect of gold compounds on the activity of adenylyl cyclase in human lymphocyte membranes.

OBJECTIVE. To determine the effects of aurothioglucose, aurothiomalate, and auranofin on basal and forskolin-activated adenylyl cyclase activity in human total lymphocyte membranes, and in membranes of T and B lymphocyte subsets. METHODS. Membranes were isolated from human total lymphocytes and T and B cell subsets. The effects of gold compounds on basal and forskolin-stimulated activity of adenylyl cyclase were measured by radioassay. RESULTS. The gold compounds inhibited adenylyl cyclase activity. This inhibitory effect required the presence of both the sulfhydryl ligands and aurous cation. CONCLUSION. Regulation of lymphocyte adenylyl cyclase by gold compounds represents a potential mode of action of these drugs in rheumatic diseases.[1]


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